QU Athletics partners with Avelo Airlines


Courtesy: Rob Rasmussen | QU Athletics

Andrew Reynolds, Associate Producer

Last week, Quinnipiac University Athletics announced a new partnership with a recently developed airline, Avelo Airlines. This partnership includes special discounts as well as giveaways for all flights with Avelo.

Quinnipiac Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Partnership Zach Soulier announces his excitement to begin working with a new team for the university. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Avelo Airlines and their team in the synergy between the two entities is clearly there,” Soulier said. 

Avelo Airlines sent its first flight on April 28, 2021. Now, the airline has over 40 destinations across the nation, offering customers an affordable option for air travel.

With a base located at the Tweed-New Haven Airport, this brings air travel even closer to local college students. In recent months, Head of Avelo Airlines Marketing Travis Christ says the relationship between Avelo and local universities has been growing immensely. 

“I can tell you in Connecticut it has been kind of a love story between Avelo, and the state, the people and institutions like Quinnipiac and UConn and Yale. You know, businesses have just shown us really great affection and great support. And certainly, you know, we try to reciprocate,” Christ said.  

Members of the Quinnipiac Athletic Department, such as players and coaches, have seen successful partnerships with the university in the past. Therefore, many say they’re excited to see where this collaboration leads in the future.

“As an athlete, we have to travel often, a lot for games and other types of competitions,” Donovan Brown, a men’s tennis player said. “Helps us focus more on our performance rather than worrying about, say, the logistics of travel.” 

Plus, Quinnipiac Women’s Ice Hockey coach Cassandra Turner believes the introduction of large partnerships such as Avelo Airlines puts Quinnipiac on the map for many national travelers. 

“I look at the impact we have within this community, but then also nationally, you know, we’re on the map in so many ways,” Turner said. “So, many partnerships like that are just phenomenal in terms of what that creates for our university.”

Furthermore, athletes are not the only ones benefiting from this partnership. Members of the bobcat community now have a chance to get reduced airfares as well as other benefits.

“We’re providing, you know, discounts off of already low fares and then, you know, flying to these 14 cities out of New Haven,” Christ said. “It’s great for, you know, getting able to have your parents come up or going back home or whatever for a spring break, of course. We’re trying to provide some goodness, you know, for the Quinnipiac community. And then they reciprocate, you know, hopefully by flying on us. And it works great.” 

“And with all of our partnerships relating this back to the student body, there are always going to be top of mind in how all of our partnerships can positively impact and affect our community in a great way,” Soulier said. 

Moving forward, Soulier said Quinnipiac Athletics is looking to partner with other businesses to do similar promotions as they have done with Avelo so far.