A Quinnipiac Bobcat Promposal occurs at Commack High School in Long Island

Samantha Moore



Photo courtesy of Haley Nayer

By Sami Moore

Two weeks ago, on May 18, future Quinnipiac nursing student Haley Nayer was spending her free period being a student aide for her sophomore year chemistry teacher at Commack High School in Long Island.

Another student aide at the New York high school had asked Nayer to make photocopies with her. “She was acting weird and suspicious,” Nayer explained.

As the two continued to walk down the school hallway, her peer and fellow future Bobcat, Alec Amereno, appeared. In his hand was a poster reading, “The Bobcats are always scoring. Can I score a date with you to prom?” in Quinnipiac’s signature blue and gold colors. Amereno, who is planning on studying finance, was followed by a large group of Nayer’s friends. Nayer said yes to the promposal.

“Who would say no to a Bobcat-themed proposal?,” Nayer said. “I wouldn’t have asked for anything better because I am so excited for the next 4 years at the most beautiful school.”

Nayer posted the photo to Instagram and it began to gain attention. After receiving over 200 likes, the social media post had gotten the attention of Quinnipiac University. It was eventually posted onto their Instagram account and received over 800 likes.

As Nayer continues to counts down the days to prom, graduation, and starting her freshman year, she explained that she is excited to come to Quinnipiac.  “I am really looking forward to change, a new environment and just being independent and living on my own,” Nayer explained. During her freshman year, she is planning on joining clubs, joining a sorority, and attend as many of the school’s hockey games that she can.

Nayer and Amareno will be attending their prom in June.