QuinniPeople: Graduate student Michael Podias transitions from Orientation Leader to Resident Assistant


Samantha Moore

Image courtesy of Michael Podias

By: Courtney Cortright

Graduate student Michael Podias just can’t get enough of Quinnipiac University.

“With it being my fifth year at school, becoming a resident assistant was my top choice.”

While Podias was an undergraduate student, he was involved in different student organizations. The one that he believes that will help him most as an RA, was his involvement as a freshman Orientation Leader.

Podias says that he knows what it is like to work with students in large groups, because of his involvement as an Orientation Leader.  He fully understands what it is like to work with college- aged students.

He figured that the skills he learned from being an OL “would translate well over to residential life.”

Thus, Podias decided to put his knowledge and skills to the test. He isn’t worried about the new position at all.

“I have had the privilege to have experienced situations that have helped hone my leadership skills,” Podias explains.

Podias is excited that he gets to be someone who students can look up to. He gets to “physically be there” for those who need him and is happy to help anyone that may need it.

He says, “I think my time here has given me enough knowledge and resources to be able to adequately assist my residents.”

Podias knows that if residents have a need that he can’t help with, he will be able to point them in the right direction.