Quinnipiac University Student Arrested After Police Found Weapons in His Car


Samantha Moore

by Sami Moore

Quinnipiac University student Nicholas Pappas has been arrested for having weapons in his car. Hamden Police arrested the 19-year-old after an investigation was launched regarding a social media post.

According to NBC Connecticut, the Hamden Police Department received a complaint about a social media post that showed a Quinnipiac University student firing a hand gun at an off-campus property. The complaint was received on Jan. 25.

In their investigation, officers searched Pappas’ car. Officers found two pairs of brass knuckles, an automatic switchblade knife, and an expandable police baton inside the car. The police seized all four weapons.

Hamden applied for and obtained an arrest warrant. On Jan. 29, Hamden charged Pappas with four counts of having weapons in a motor vehicle.

Pappas, who lives in Bay Side, New York, was released after he posted a $15,000 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in the Meriden Superior Court on Feb. 12.