Quinnipiac University Sued for Breach of Contract

Photo courtesy - westvillect.org

Photo courtesy – westvillect.org

Hannah Mirsky and Hephzibah Rajan

A student has filed a lawsuit against Quinnipiac University, claiming she did not receive the services and full experience she paid for after completing the second half of the 2020 spring semester online due to the pandemic.

Attorneys at Hagens Berman filed a class-action lawsuit on Friday, June 5, on behalf of Zoey Metzner, a junior film major. Since this is a class-action lawsuit other students can also sign their names too.

The university has been sued on grounds of “breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and conversion,” as stated in a press release from Hagens Berman.

The lawsuit demands repayment for tuition, room and board, and other costs.

Quinnipiac had already offered partial refunds on room and board. The university sent out an email in early April informing all students about the credit refunds. Housing and dining credits from the Spring 2020 semester will transfer over to the Fall 2020 semester for returning students, and students who have graduated will receive a check.

As stated in the suit, Metzner was not able to use Quinnipiac’s resources and facilities for her classes after switching to remote learning.

As a film major, much of the plaintiff’s classes required film, recording, and editing equipment.

“The student also missed several weeks of use of design software because Quinnipiac did not have sufficient licenses for students,” the suit states.

The lawsuit also claims Quinnipiac professors were not “responsive” during the online classes and Metzner lost her work-study job.

Multiple other universities have been sued by the law firm representing Metzner including Boston University, Brown University, Emory University, and New York University.

Quinnipiac University refused to comment on pending lawsuits.

“The university does not comment on pending litigation,” said John Morgan, the associate vice president for public relations at Quinnipiac.