Registering to vote in Hamden’s Municipal Election

Olivia Schueller

The Hamden Municipal Election is Nov. 5.

“It is the most important right we have as a citizen to vote for the people who govern us,” Department of Registrars and Voters Tony Esposito said.

Students looking to register can go to the Hamden Voter Registrar’s Office, Hamden Clerk’s Office or the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Registering to vote can also be done online. 

“They can go to the Secretary of States special website, www.voter and there is the form online,” Esposito said. 

There are nine districts in Hamden. The locations to vote at are based on where you live. Student’s on the Mount Carmel Campus will vote at the Miller Memorial Library, and students living on the York Hill Campus will vote at West Woods Elementary School.

Students find it important to vote in Hamden’s election even if they don’t live here permanently.

“Majority of Hamden residents are Quinnipiac students, I believe so that’s a big portion,” sophomore Cole Carmody said. 

Senior Stephan Kapustka is voting because he says that local politics have a large impact on us.

“The mayor of Hamden has a lot more influence on your life than the President of the United States or the Governor of Connecticut,” Kapustka said. 

Democrat Mayor of Hamden Curt Leng is seeking his third term. Leng’s opponent is Jay Kay, a republican. The last day students can register to vote is Sunday.