University holds Frozen Four pep rally


Andrew Reynolds, General Member

On Monday, April 3, the Quinnipiac University quad was packed with students, faculty, and the university’s Men’s Ice Hockey team as they prepared to leave campus to compete in the Frozen Four. The bobcats

It is cool being out here,” Zach Metsa, captain of the men’s ice hockey team said. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect, honestly. I didn’t know if everyone had class and whatnot, but it was sweet to see the turnout. I mean, couldn’t have expected it, you know, like its no different than any game.” 

The bobcats will be heading to Tampa, Florida to play in the Frozen Four. This marks the third time the team has made it this far.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s exciting,” Rand Pecknold, head coach of Quinnipiac’s men’s ice hockey team said. “It’s great that the community is behind us, but in the end, it’s great for them. It’s great for them to get recognized and it was a nice turnout here today.” 

Students from across the Quinnipiac community filled the quad with cheers. Many say they are feeling very optimistic about a possible national championship coming to Hamden.

I’m really excited to support the men’s hockey team in the Frozen Four. It’s a great achievement to get to the Frozen Four and I think we’re coming home with it this year,” first-year student Emma Byrne said. 

Even for students like third-year Emily McManaman who aren’t big sports fans, the chance to play in the Frozen Four has caught her attention.

“I’m not really a big sports person, but to be honest, this is a really big deal. I know hockey is kind of our school’s sport, so the fact that we’re going to the Frozen Four makes me really excited. I’m excited to watch.” McManaman said. 

Some students also point out that although it’s the third time the men’s ice hockey team has made it this far, this is the first time almost all current students get to see it happen first-hand.

“I’m very excited because it’s the first time since I’ve been here that they’ve been able to make the Frozen Four, so being at this school while they’re here, or while they’re at the Frozen Four, is a great experience, and being part of this community is awesome,” Third-year student Max Kaplan said. 

For Quinnipiac Athletic Director Greg Amodio, creating a strong sense of community within campus athletics is what he hopes to bring with every team.

“You know, we’re ideally a point of pride for the institution,” Amodio said. “It brings together our alumni base, the local community, the campus community, you know, and that’s really what athletics, in general, should serve as a front porch to the institution.”