Bobcat Breakdown: 02/01/22


Ethan Logue, Executive Producer: Bobcat Breakdown

On this week’s edition of Bobcat Breakdown, the first show of the new year Rob Lyon hosted and was joined by basketball beat reporters Eric Kerr and Ross Meglin on the desk. The guys began the show by debating who should be the starting point guard for the Quinnipiac men’s basketball team and gave their predictions for the team’s next nine games. They then transitioned to the women’s side and gave their picks on which young players should be getting more minutes.

The debate then went to the other side of the People’s United Center as both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams enter the home stretch of their seasons and have some crucial games coming up. The show then wrapped up with the QBSN call of the week and of the course, Rob, Eric, and Ross gave their final roars.