Bobcat Breakdown 10/27


Ryan Flaherty, Executive Producer

This week on Bobcat Breakdown, Hannah Smith makes her Q30TV debut as host alongside Shannen Tierney and Roberto Casillas.

Shannen and Roberto begin on the lacrosse fields as they debate whether or not the Men’s lacrosse team is too inexperienced and whether or no playing no non-conference games could be a factor. Men’s Lacrosse Beat Reporter Jon Surratt joins the show to share his thoughts on the team and tell us how they can win the MAAC this season.

Our analysts then turn to the Women’s team and discuss whether or not the team is on an upward trend and if their new goalie will make a difference.

After the Break, we dive head first into both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams and discuss some key issues for both teams including who will step up for the men and our are expectations for Megan Phillips too high?

As always we close the show with the QBSN Game of the Week and Final Roars.