Bobcat Breakdown: Ice Hockey Early Season Success, Women’s Soccer First Loss in MAAC

In the seventh episode of Bobcat Breakdown, Associate Producer Michael Hanley hosts alongside men’s ice hockey beat reporters Matt Mugno and Aiden Barrett broke down men’s and women’s ice hockey and then switch over to soccer and volleyball.

At the beginning of the show, Matt gives his top five men’s ice hockey programs in the country. Barrett sounds off on the list and gives his adjusted list. The guys talk about whether the women’s hockey team 7-0 start in back-to-back years is beneficial to the squad when it matters most.

After a commercial break, Matt and Aiden discuss women’s soccer’s first loss in the MAAC against Iona after a previous 6-0 start in conference play.

To finish off the night, Michael announces the QBSN Player of the Week and of course Final Roars.