Bobcat Breakdown: 09/07/21

Hannah Smith, Executive Producer

Bobcat Breakdown is back. To kick off the first show, former Executive Producer Jack Main and former Associate Producer Eric Kerr duked it out on all things Quinnipiac sports. Kylicia Smith hosted and mediated the intense debate between two friends/roommates. 

With all fall sports back in action this year, we talk all things soccer, field hockey, and volleyball.

 Women’s soccer is already making history as they won against Yale for the first time ever. Men’s soccer is off to their best start since 2007. With one goal in mind, winning the MAAC.

Volleyball is not off to the ideal start the bobcats have wished for as they are on a five game skid, but it’s only the beginning of the season. There is still MAAC play for the bobcats to showcase their talent.

This is only the beginning for Quinnipiac athletics and for Bobcat Breakdown.