Bobcat Breakdown 10/20/20


Ryan Flaherty, Executive Producer

This week on Bobcat Breakdown, Gage Kilborne hosts as Ethan Logue and Jacob Resnick debate all you need to know about the past week in Quinnipiac Athletics.

They start by discussing how they think the Quinnipiac Women’s Basketball team will fare against some of the nations top teams in the Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Challenge Tournament at the end of next month. then, Jacob and Ethan give you their preseason picks for both teams Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year and we hear from Q30’s own Jack Main on the impact Shaq Edwards will have on the Women’s Basketball team.

After the break, the guys discuss whether it’s MAAC Championship or bust for the Quinnipiac Baseball team and whether or not they believe the Softball team should be concerned about their pitching staff.

Of course we end the show with QBSN’s Game of the Week and Gage, Ethan, and Jacob deliver their Final Roars.