Bobcat Breakdown: Love or Hate, Men’s Ice Hockey Next Four Games, and Olivia Mobley’s 40 Points

In the 16th episode of Bobcat Breakdown Michael Hanley hosts, alongside Emily Sweeney and Ben Kane, who break down all winter sports and play a game of “love or hate” in honor of Valentine’s Day.

To start the show off Michael Hanley pays tribute to late ESPN Producer and Quinnipiac instructor Barry Sacks, as his legacy will live on forever.

Ben and Emily then debate how concerned they are with the men’s basketball teams lack of success before heading into the MAAC tournament, then they break down who their ultimate sixth person is off the bench for the women’s basketball team.  After the break, Ben and Emily play a game of “love or hate” surrounding all Quinnipiac athletics.

To end the show off, the three gave their final roars.