Bobcat Breakdown: Pro Bobcat, Balanc’s Thousand Points, and Women’s Basketball Big Win

In the 15th episode of Bobcat Breakdown Ryan Raggio hosts, alongside women’s basketball beat reporter Dylan Sommer, and Joey O’Donoghue, who break down all things men’s and women’s basketball.

To start the show off, Dylan and Joey discuss the two sell out crowds at the M&T Bank Arena last week and how Quinnipiac Athletics can maintain a large fanbase at more home games. Matt Balanc is now apart of Quinnipiacs’ thousand point club, Joey and Dylan give their reactions to his success, and if he is the number one scoring option for the men’s basketball team.

After the commercial break, the boys talk all things women’s basketball and their 28 point victory over Marist that allowed four bobcats to score double digits. Joey and Dylan then breakdown Mary Baskerville and her impact on the team.

To end the show off, the boys discuss what athlete they would like to see featured on the next QBSN broadcast.