Quinnipiac field hockey beats Siena 3-2


Josh Silverman

The Quinnipiac Bobcats field hockey team needed a win to get out of its recent slump. That was exactly what Becca Main and her team were able to do when the Siena Saints came to town on Saturday. The Bobcats came from behind to win 3-2, scoring all of their goals in the second half.

Tip of the Cap

Senior Class

The first tip of the cap goes to the Bobcats senior class. Nine seniors participated in their senior day today and every player has played a pivotal role in the Bobcats transition into the Big East. Led by defender Lauren Belskie and midfielder Dayna Barlow, Quinnipiac’s seniors have constantly kept the team in close games. Quinnipiac’s leaders in points are all seniors. Belskie and Michelle Federico have totaled 12 points on the season, and Barlow has 11.

Finish The Game

Quinnipiac’s head coach Becca Main has preached one thing all season: Finish. Quinnipiac went into halftime trailing 2-0 and had constant miscommunication and sloppy play on offense in the first 35 minutes. Unlike its been able to do in previous games this season, Quinnipiac was rallied in the second half. Its 3 goals were the most scored in a game since Sept. 8 when it beat Yale 4-2. This win shows the Bobcats that they can come back for the win when they play as a team.

Still Needs Work

Offensive Chemistry

This is now twice at home, with the other game coming against Villanova, where Quinnipiac has had an extended period of play where the offense just hasn’t been on the same page. Against an opponent in Siena who Quinnipiac had beat the last 16 matchups, the team shouldn’t have looked so out of place in the first half. This isn’t the first game of the season and it should have these miscommunications fixed by now. Quinnipiac is fortunate these miscues didn’t come against a Big East opponent today.

Penalty Corners

The Bobcats again had an immense amount of trouble on their penalty corners. They continuously tried different ways to set up the offense and time and time again they were unable to do so. The Bobcats finished the day one for 11 on the penalty corner with the lone goal coming courtesy of senior captain Belskie. Though the goal was Quinnipiac’s best play of the day, it cannot continue to be so inefficient on penalty corners in conference play.

Bottom Line

For now, the Bobcats get a win and break out of their four-game losing streak. The win provides the Bobcats with a chance to get back on track with the momentum they will gain from this come from behind victory.