Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey: The National Title Special | Sports Paws

This week on Sports Paws, Ethan Logue and David Kloepfer anchor the desk for the Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey National Title Special.

They kick off the show with a preview of Quinnipiac going up against Michigan with men’s ice hockey beat reporter Zack Hochberg. Then, a recap of the latest highlights from men’s ice hockey, as they face off against Michigan in the first round of the Frozen Four. Then, beat reporters Gage Kilborne and Zack Hochberg preview the National Championship as Quinnipiac goes up against Minnesota. Then, Ethan showcases the highlights of the National Championship, the first-ever national championship victory in program history.

Later on,  David Maher discusses the men’s ice hockey team’s arrival back in Hamden to see their fans, with the title in hand. Then, the anchors talk about the all-tournament and all-American teams from the tournament and season.

To end the night, Clever Streich conducted a Q30 hockey reporter alumni panel to get the thoughts of former Q30 reporters MJ Baird, Jon Banks, and Sean Raggio on the landmark victory, and the anchors reveal the Top 10 plays of the Quinnipiac hockey season.