Sports Paws: 02/08/21


Ethan Logue

Liz Flynn and Will Fowler hosted this week’s edition of Sports Paws, the first edition of the spring semester.

Liz and Wil jumped right into everything Quinnipiac sports, starting by recapping the weekend for both the Quinnipiac men’s and women’s ice hockey teams. Liz and Will also provided an updated look at the ECAC and USCHO standings for both teams.

Liz and Will were then joined in studio by Q30 women’s ice hockey beat reporter Connor Ullathorne who went over his three stars of the year up to this point for Quinnipiac.

Liz and Will then journeyed to the other side of the People’s United Center and discussed the past weekend for Quinnipiac’s men’s and women’s basketball teams and took a look at the current MAAC standings for both the men and women.

Quinnipiac men’s basketball beat reporter Jon Surratt then accompanied Liz and Will and went over the three stars so far this season for Quinnipiac’s men’s basketball team.

The guys on the desk then informed their audience of a notable women’s ice hockey transfer that would be leaving Quinnipiac for Ohio State. Liz and Will also highlighted a former black student-athlete at Quinnipiac as February is Black History Month and every week multiple former black student-athletes at Quinnipiac are honored by the athletic department for their contributions to not only their athletic programs but the school and town of Hamden.

Liz and Will then wrapped up the show by bringing back everyone’s favorite segment, the top 5 play of the week!