Sports Paws: 2/22/21


Christopher Longchamp, Associate Producer SportsPaws

On this week’s edition of Sports Paws, Jacob Resnick and Jonathan Banks hosted the show. They started off the show by discussing the men’s basketball team as they played two games against Rider this weekend. Jack Main and Eric Kerr also provided their thoughts on the games this weekend from the team. Jacob and Jonathan also showed the updated MAAC standings after the games this weekend. Then, Jacob and Jonathan were joined by Kevin Higgins in the studio and he discussed his picks for awards such as team MVP, 6th Man, and others.

Then, the two pivoted to the women’s basketball team as they had two games against Siena this weekend. Kylicia Smith also gave her thoughts about the team’s performance this weekend as well. Jacob and Jonathan went on to update the MAAC standings for the women as well before they shifted to men’s ice hockey.

The two talked about the men’s ice hockey team as they played a game against LIU earlier in the day. They were joined by Ryan Flaherty who had a post-game recap and discussed some of the takeaways from the game.

Jacob and Jonathan also shifted to women’s ice hockey as they had seen their games for this past weekend against Clarkson get canceled. The games were canceled due to COVID issues with the two teams.

Finally, the two talked about the spring sports and fall sports that are going to be played in the spring due to COVID. They also mentioned how Tomas Svecula was selected to the pre-season all MAAC team for the men’s soccer team. Before the show wrapped up, the two were able to go through the top five plays of the week and honor two more Quinnipiac athletes for Black History Month, Cameron Young and Shameal Samuels.