Women’s Soccer Secure Another Conference Victory


Jacqueline Ydrovo, Beat Reporter: Quinnipiac Women's Soccer

Last year, the Quinnipiac women’s soccer team tied the Siena Saints in the MAAC tournament semifinal game and won the game in penalty kicks. A much different game was played this season as Head Coach Dave Clarke said, “This was a game where they should have torn up and they did.”

Before facing Siena, the Bobcats traveled to Buffalo, New York on Sept. 28 to face off against Canisius. In Buffalo, the Bobcats won 1-0 off a goal from Rebecca Cooke who was assisted by Paige LaBerge making it Cooke’s tenth of the season.

Then four days later the Bobcats traveled back to Hamden to face off against the Siena Saints. During the game, the Bobcats not only took an early lead, setting the tone for the game, but scored four times within the first 14 minutes. Three of the four goals came from Cooke who totaled four goals by the end of the game. Along with Cooke’s four goals, Markela Beijleri, Ella Gagno, and Kayla Mingachos each scored one of their own extending the team’s lead over Siena. The game ended with a score of 7-1, leading to the team’s third win in the MAAC.

It was only seven minutes and 15 seconds into the first half when the Bobcats took the lead. It followed with another goal a minute and 38 seconds later that showed a difference in the team that played four days prior. The game got away from Siena by the time the first 45 minutes were up when the Bobcats lead 5-0. The coaching staff emphasized to the team to keep taking more chances and continue to play a competitive game.

“I think it’s just down to the coaches and all just telling us don’t stop scoring. You get one, you get two, and you keep going,” Cooke said.

The game was significantly different than the game against Canisius as Dave Clarke said, “We were happy with the one nil win up at Canisius because it was a different type of day with the wind, the surface (and) the travel.”

The 7-1 win for the Bobcats marks their third win in the conference after defeating Niagara and Canisius. With three conference wins under their belt, the Quinnipiac women’s soccer team will travel to Fairfield for a matchup against the Stags on Oct. 1.