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Quinnipiac University Improves the Shuttle Bus System

HAMDEN, CONN –– An email sent to Quinnipiac University students on August 14, revealed that there are major improvements to the campus shuttle-system, making it more efficient and inclusive to all passengers.

The university transitioned to a new shuttle provider. Quinnipiac has signed a contract switching from ProPark, to Valet Park of America. This change is aimed to fulfill the improvements promised, and better the overall atmosphere of shuttle transportation.

The updated system is providing new shuttles and routes around Hamden, New Haven and the Quinnipiac campuses. The number of actively running buses has increased in order to boost productivity and decrease wait-time for students.

In an interview regarding the shuttle system improvements, Quinnipiac’s Chief of Public Safety, Tony Reyes, shared, “We really focused on looking at the routes and ridership and creating routes that were more streamlined, so students didn’t have to spend as much time on the shuttles, but also so that the wait times at the various locations were lessened.”

“Previous shuttle wait-times sparked complaints, and have been redesigned so that students can transport in a timely manner,” Reyes expressed. “I don’t think students should be waiting any more than five to 10 minutes for a shuttle, and we feel pretty confident we’re going to be able to meet that.”

In addition, new technology is being used for tracking the shuttles.

In prior years, students argued that the previous shuttle tracking app, “Ride Systems”, was inaccurate. In response, Quinnipiac adopted a new app for tracking called “Passio GO!”. Passio GO! will allow students to locate the shuttles in real-time, making arrival estimations as accurate as possible.

Students themselves have voiced approval of the new ease of travel. When asked about his experience using the shuttles, first-year William Youkilis said, “I don’t have a car on campus, so it’s really nice having the shuttles, they have pretty good timing. They have a few running at the same time, so I’m able to get to York Hill and back whenever I need to.”

The new shuttle system is also set to be more accommodating to those with disabilities, as the number of shuttles adhering to the American Disability Act will increase from two, to six.

The matter of maintaining an equitable environment on campus is something both faculty and students value greatly. Current sophomore at Quinnipiac, Christina Leshak, shared how necessary the increased accommodations are within campus transportation.

Leshak explained, “Disability accommodations are really important to me on campus! I have some friends who need certain accommodations to be included all around campus, and shuttles are extremely necessary and helpful – everyone should have access to them.”

While most students express satisfaction, some have voiced concerns with the smaller shuttle sizes.

Current senior, Amanda Riha, tells how she has noticed a decrease in bus capacity since the provider switch.

“So far I think they’re pretty reliable in terms of the wait times on the app being accurate when they come to the stops. The only issue I have is that they got rid of the bigger shuttles so these shuttles hold fewer people, so sometimes there are a lot of kids still waiting at the bus stop.”

The new updates to the system were implemented on August 21 when the shuttles began operation. For more information on the new shuttle schedule and times, visit MyQ for full details on the routes.

(Credit: ProPark.com; Image of Quinnipiac shuttles prior to rebranding and updates)

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