SGA meet and greet tabling event opens conversation to first-years

Averial Evans

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, the Student Government Association (SGA) held a meet and greet table where first-year board members were able to interact with the student body.

First-year SGA Senator Sean Formantes, said the purpose of the event was to get to know the students they represent and understand their problems within the community.

“The purpose of the table today really is to get to know our constitutes,” Formantes said. “To get to interact with members of our student body, to get to know their opinions on things. We really want to try and represent our constituents in the best way possible and we can only do that through face to face conversation.”

The table was hosted by various first-year SGA board members. This gave them each an opportunity to engage with students on a larger scale. Students were able to converse with the board and write down the changes they wanted to see within the school.

Some of these changes included improvements to the quality of the food and the commuter experience.

Sofia Vega, a first-year health science major, agreed to wanting to see these changes and hopes that SGA can implement them.

“I want to see more improvements on the quality of food here,” Vega said. “I feel like a way that they can do that is maybe hiring students potentially to help make the food in the cafeteria. A lot of the commuter parking, I always hear complaints about that.”

Formantes stated that the feedback is welcomed and needed in order to address the students’ wants with administration to reach a favorable outcome.

“We really want to hear what students have to say, what students are concerned about and then we want to voice those issues so that we can get them taken care of and share new ideas with administration,” Formantes said.