York Hill Fitness Center Gets New Equipment

Dylan Abad

Students returning from winter break may have noticed the brand new, state-of-the-art fitness equipment located in the York Hill Fitness Center.

New machines were added, which now give students the ability to track, record and share their workouts.

“So we’ve replaced all the treadmills, ellipticals, the upright and recumbent bikes,” said Tami Reilly, director of fitness and well-being. “We also replaced all the spinning bikes in the room for all the classes.”

With the tap of a Q-card and a brief one-time setup period, students get access to their own personalized experience.

Mike Medina, director of campus life for recreation, said exercise data can be shared with Apple and Android fitness trackers using the Priva app.

“So the Preva app knows you ran two miles and what your pace was,” Medina said. “You download into your app and it keeps track of everything for you. It will also allow students to create their own account.”

Medina also said the Priva app offers multiple entertainment options for students while they work out.

“They can watch their Netflix while they’re working out, and eventually they will be rolling out Hulu and ESPN+,” Medina said. ”If you wanted to have a better entertainment system while you’re working out, that’s certainly a new option.”

Spinning instructors are also taking advantage of the new equipment.

“They are just so excited to share it," Reilly said. “It’s changing the way they coach, it's going to change the way they help students reach goals. So it’s pretty exciting on both ends for us.”

The new machines can also send alerts to staff when maintenance is needed, preventing the machine from going offline or out of order.

“We’re going to have a lot more data available because there is a back-end feature where we can monitor how often machines are being used," Medina said. “We want to be able to see when machines are getting close to needing maintenance that way we never have to take a machine off-line."

Medina said he is committed to keeping every piece of equipment online.

“The goal is to keep everybody’s equipment up and running and we now have this new data feature that we can do that,” Medina said.

Students can access the York Hill Fitness Center from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.