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Q30 Newscast: SGA votes in favor of removing Helen Dong

The Student Government Association removed a member from office this Wednesday.

Helen Dong was removed from office following the SGA impeachments committee investigations into her actions during the international business dinner on October 28, 2017.

During the dinner, Dong took down the Taiwanese flag after consulting with professors about the absence of the Chinese flag. With permission from the two professors and the advisor of the International Business Society, Dong removed the flag and folded it up before handing it back.

A petition to impeach her was drafted and had signatures a couple of hours after Dong’s actions.

After its investigations, the impeachment committee recommended that Dong be removed from office but after discussion from the general body.

Dong defended herself and tried to make clear why she had taken down the flag. Insisting that she was only trying to avoid controversy by only having the Taiwanese flag.

Those in favor of Dong’s removal argued that even though there are no Taiwanese students at Quinnipiac, it was wrong for her to take down the flag without permission from the e-board of the society. Additionally, that her actions as an SGA member would be construed as offensive to the people she was representing.

At the meeting, there were people who came to support Dong and speak up on her behalf. However, due to time constraints, they either had to leave or wait until after the announcement to speak.

The body voted 27- 11 for the removal of Dong from office. Next week, the impeachment committee will present their findings and recommendations on Chris Montalvo’s actions during the Your Voice, Our Quinnipiac event.

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