SGA Executive Board welcomes new VP for Public Relations Jennifer McCue

Hephzibah Rajan, Web Director

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, Jennifer McCue replaced Carmine Grippo as the new Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President for Public Relations through a special election.

Grippo expressed intent to resign from the position on Wednesday, Sept. 29 at the SGA general board meeting to pursue other leadership opportunities on campus.

McCue joins an all-male executive board and is confident that her transition into this new role will be smooth and believes that the key to success is open communication.

“Even as class president in my previous role, I’ve gotten to work with a lot of the e-board members personally and I have not been afraid to state my opinion in certain matters,” McCue said. “I honestly think it’s going to be a seamless transition going in and being able to be in that space with them as well.”

During her first year at Quinnipiac University, McCue served as a class senator and was the class president for the Class of 2024 before assuming the new position. She has multiple ideas for the position, including introducing an SGA website.

SGA’s new Vice President for Public Relations Jennifer McCue

“Another idea that I have is to create an SGA website,” McCue said. “Whether it be through the main QU website or through a third-party that can be linked on the QU page so it’s easy to access for the current student body and alumni.”

McCue hopes to help promote diversity and inclusion and address issues that occur on campus using her platform.

“Just promoting diversity and inclusion more on campus,” McCue said. “I know there’s been several situations last year and also years prior that definitely in our community as a whole needs to be addressed more and I want to make sure that goes within our organization and the student body as well.”

SGA President Nicholas Ciampanelli was thrilled to bring McCue on board although he expressed sorrow over Grippo’s resignation.

“It’s always disheartening seeing a member of the executive board resign,” Ciampanelli said. “This is the third member of the executive board that I’ve seen resign in my time in student government and it’s never easy.”

Positions that are open within the SGA include two senior class senators, three junior class senators, one first-year senator, veteran senator and a liberal arts senator.