Foreign students can remain in the U.S. after ICE guidance is ‘taken back’


International students can continue their Fall semester in the United States after the Trump administration announced the ICE ruling was rescinded on July 14. 

While Quinnipiac is adopting a hybrid teaching model, last week’s announcement brought doubt to some international students. The Department of Global Engagement (DCGE) said they would be working with impacted students on a case-by-case basis. 

The rescinding of the ICE ruling brought relief to international students at Quinnipiac and colleges all throughout the country. 

“We are glad the rule has been rescinded,” John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations said. “We are committed to providing our international students the opportunity to begin and complete their education at Quinnipiac, where our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive community that acknowledges and respects every member and works to make sure everyone has the necessary resources to thrive both individually and together.”

Genesis Iscoa, a political science major, felt relieved when she heard the announcement earlier in the week because of the uncertainty it was causing her. 

“I’m very relieved from all of it, I can now complete my studies from where I am and I don’t have to put my health at risk,” Iscoa said.  

The decision to rescind the ICE ruling took place in a federal court in Boston earlier in the week. The Trump administration was facing legal pressure from more than 180 colleges and universities, according to NPR.