Public Safety under new leadership during COVID-19


Courtesy: Autumn Driscoll of Quinnipiac University.

With the announcement of Associate Vice President and Chief of Public Safety Edgar Rodriguez’s last day being today, Quinnipiac’s public safety will be under new leadership. 

Jimi Nealy, the current assistant chief, will be appointed to interim chief of public safety. While this is an unprecedented time due to COVID-19, Nealy said he is hopeful for the future and wants to do more with the Quinnipiac community when the time comes.

“I’d like to have more increased contact with the student population, but all that is going to depend on the rules and regulations that we have to abide by as we start to come back to the University,” Nealy said.

Nealy has new initiatives he plans on implementing while in his new role and is hopeful this will help build a stronger relationship with the students at Quinnipiac.

Some of Nealy’s new initiatives include increasing technology, increasing interaction with students, and some more collaboration with the student body.

“I’d like to do some fundraising things that would help out the needy,” he said.

Nealy also said he wants to increase the visibility of public safety in the cafeteria and other main areas where students congregate.

When Quinnipiac returns to normal, Nealy wants everyone to be mindful of others.

“I hope that when people come back, they’ll be more sensitive to tragedies that affect all of us,” he said. “That we will be able to work better together and respect each other and each other’s space.” 

Nealy concluded by saying he wants to change the stigma around public safety and the way they are viewed on the Quinnipiac campus. 

“More guidance and counseling is going to be my push because you guys [Quinnipiac students] are the future leaders of America, and we should be supporting that process as best we can,” he said.