An Inside Look at “The Circle” with John Franklin

Armaan Rochlani


Armaan Rochlani

John Franklin, a Quinnipiac alum and star of the hit Netflix show, “The Circle,” joins #THAT Executive Producer, Armaan Rochlani, in the studio for an exclusive interview. Franklin gives viewers an inside scoop on what it’s like to be on international television.

Franklin talks about his favorite moments on the show, both ones that made it on-air and stayed behind-the-scenes. The star shares his experiences with fans post-filming and how the media attention he has received has impacted his life so positively. His time on the show and influence on his hometown has continued to make a mark on his successful career and continues to do so.

Franklin graduated from Quinnipiac only a few years ago and aside from his time on Netflix, he now works for BetMGM as a social media content creator, performs stand-up comedy shows around the Northeast, and fulfills his passion for music.

All of “The Circleseason four episodes are available for viewing on Netflix now. Catch a glimpse of John Franklin or his character, “Momma Carol,” in the latest season.