Bryce Vine on his sound, style and upcoming album

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Bryce Vine on his sound, style and upcoming album

Alex Taglieri, Entertainment Director

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Everything seems to be going right for Bryce Vine, who has found mainstream success after his single “Drew Barrymore” peaked at 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Currently in the midst of a headlining tour, the singer-rapper is taking a pit stop at Quinnipiac next month for the annual Wake the Giant concert.

Vine, whose full name is Bryce Ross-Johnson, took some time on the way to his Portland, Oregon show to talk to Q30 Entertainment about his music, upcoming album and what students can expect from his set.

Vine fostered his signature voice at a young age and has found success through writing songs full of raw emotion. By weaving his feelings into his work, Vine discovered that music was a form of therapy that has helped him from his adolescence to today.

And today, Vine is a one-of-a-kind individual. When he speaks, he simultaneously oozes a sense of cool serenity and upbeat excitement.

Everything about Vine is distinct, from his music’s sound, which blends influences across a plethora of genres, to his fashion sense, which combines patterns and colors in unique ways that somehow always work.

While Vine’s roots are in punk music, his Facebook page lists other influencers, such as rapper Wiz Khalifa and indie pop band Grouplove. Above all, he notes that Third Eye Blind has been his biggest influence.

With a 90s rock band as his greatest influence, it’s so surprise that some of his songs have a nostalgic spin. His single “Sour Patch Kids,” references the titular childhood candy, “Rocko’s Modern Life” and Walkman music players.

His clothing choices pull inspiration from the 90s as well. Vine even notes that one friend described his look as “a rapping Ace Ventura.” From the loud patterns to the bright colors, this comparison could not be more true.

“I just like to wear things that stand out just the right amount,” Vine said. “I like finding artists on Instagram who paint and do cool things, and have them collab with me on something. A lot of the jackets I wear on stage are custom.”

As for Vine’s stage presence, his high-energy set is perfect for Quinnipiac students looking for a diversion from the stress of everyday college life.

“People come to the show to escape whatever they’re going through in their normal lives, feel like they’re among friends,” Vine said. “They can dance if they want to and sing at the top of their lungs. I feel like people come and really can let their hair down.”

One aspect that sets Vine apart from other touring acts is his extensive musical background, as Vine attended the Berklee College of Music. This expertise isn’t isolated to Vine himself; other members of his act are talented musicians as well.

“There’s gonna be a big musical aspect to what we do. My DJ plays trumpet on a bunch of the songs in set. Probably on the next tour, I’ll do some songs on the guitar.”

Next, Vine has his first full-length album in the works. He describes the album as a “mixed bag” that spans a variety of topics.

“One song I have is kind of how I see the world, just as a human being right now. And one song is about ruining a great relationship. It’s kind of all over the place,” Vine said.

But what unites all 12 songs is the raw emotion infused into the lyrics.

“Even though some of the things I’m talking about in the songs aren’t actually happening, it’s all based around real emotions and real feelings of what it’s like to go through that,” Vine said.

If you haven’t gotten your Wake the Giant tickets yet, Vine has a simple reason why students should attend.

“Cause they’ll have a great time.”