Everything to know about “Firefly Lane”


Gabby Brailovskiy, Hollywood Beat Reporter

The new Netflix series, “Firefly Lane,” is taking the world by storm. Based on Kristin Hannah’s novel, the hit show explores the lives of two opposite best friends and focuses on their drama filled relationships throughout the years. 

“Firefly Lane” continuously jumps through timelines throughout the show, starting in the 1970s and ultimately reaching the characters’ adult lives in 2003. Tully, played by Katherine Heigl, starts off having an extremely rocky childhood, yet eventually beats all odds and becomes a celebrity talk show host. Tully experiences traumatic events throughout her childhood, involving sexual harassment, as well as the neglect from her drug abusive mother. The one person that helped her overcome all that she faced was her best friend across the street, Kate. Kate (Sarah Chalke), on the other hand, lived a very different childhood. She quickly showcases nurturing, as well as some socially awkward qualities. Her family, who seems like they are living the typical American family dream, actually undergoes a lot of personal issues. From Kate’s mother cheating on her father to her own brother having to hide the fact that he is gay for years on end, Kate’s seemingly perfect life, was not so perfect after all. One of the main things that always pushed these two best friends together were both their dreams to become successful journalists. However things changed quickly for Kate when she fell in love with her boss Johnny Ryan (Ben Lawson) and her main focus began to be raising their daughter, Marah. 


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The relationship between the two friends serves as an interesting plot line throughout the series. Although Tully’s success is like no other, the unfortunate events she encountered through her adolescent life makes it clear why she puts up a cold front. Throughout the show, viewers’ heartstrings are constantly tugged at, as we can see how much Kate has helped improve Tully’s life. The characters closely resemble the way they are presented in the novel, however there were a view changes done for dramatic purposes in the show. An interesting part of the show is the way it explores extremely heavy topics, while finding a way to show them through friendship lens. From births, miscarriages, divorces, drug abuse, and so much more, “Firefly Lane” is able to uncover just how crucial it can be to have someone to lean on. Each episode leaves off with a bit of cliff-hanger, leaving viewers constantly wondering what it is that tears Tully and Kat apart at the very end of the series.  From births, miscarriages, divorces, drug abuse, and so much more, Firefly Lane is able to uncover just how important it can be to have someone to lean on.  

As season 1 left off on a huge cliffhanger about the status of Kate and Tully’s relationship, as well as if Johnny Ryan got hurt during his reporting in Iraq, fans are left thinking there will definitely be a season 2 released. Although Netflix has not yet announced any official news, here is hoping all these unanswered questions come to life in the following season of the show!