Gina Carano removed from all future ‘Star Wars’ projects


‘The Mandalorian’ star, Gina Carano, was fired after her Instagram post about the Holocaust. | Courtesy of MMA Fighting

Sydney Reynolds, Hollywood Beat Reporter

Actress Gina Carano, who is best known for playing Cara Dune in “The Mandalorian,” has been removed from all future “Star Wars” projects.

Carano has come under fire in the past for sharing problematic posts on her social media platforms. This ranged from misinformation, Qanon theories, transphobic remarks, anti-mask comments, and supporting those who stormed the Capitol building. She also promoted her account on Parler, an alt-right social media application that came under fire for spreading mass amounts of misinformation and death threats to public officials. 

She recently shared a post on Instagram likening modern Republicans to Jewish people being rounded up in the Holocaust. Lucasfilm called her statement “abhorrent.”

It has also been revealed that Lucasfilm planned to give her character a mini-series, but decided to scrap the idea back in November right before Investor Day. This is most likely connected to all the posts she has shared.  

This news broke the same day her “Mandalorian” co-star Pedro Pascal booked a large acting job. He is set to play the role of Joel in “The Last of Us,” an HBO series based on the popular video game.

Pascal has also recently shared that his sibling is transgender and is so happy to support her. 

Pascal is known for being an ally to the transgender community. He has included pronouns in his Twitter name for a long time, and Carano even said he has educated her on these matters.

Season 3 of “The Mandalorian” does not have a release date yet, but is expected to premiere in December of this year. Fans are unsure of what will happen to Carano’s character, and Lucasfilm has not revealed if they will write off Cara Dune or recast the role.