Quinnipiac Tonight: S4:E10


Daniel Wuest

Join us for our tenth episode of Season 4 of Quinnipiac Tonight! This star-studded episode is full of some high-flying, quick skating athletes including Quinnipiac basketball stars Danelle Bradley and Taylor Herd, as well as Aaron and Andrew Robinson. Also joining the show this week is Quinnipiac ice hockey’s own Landon Smith.
These ragtag teammates come to find themselves in this episode – Breakfast Club style. We hop into the spring season with some bunny friends and tackle the emotions of March Madness, all while sitting in the dark. Just kidding! Those blackouts though, maybe prospective students should steer clear, especially when we mess with them during Accepted Students Day.
This episode will go down in history as the day a few athletes came together and hosted our show. Go Bobcats!
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