Quinnipiac Tonight: S4:E9


Daniel Wuest

Join us for ninth episode of Season 4 of Quinnipiac Tonight! We’re doing some Big things this episode. How Big, you may ask? So Big that this episode is actually a student organization mash-up!

We have a total of 5 hosts, ranging from resident assistants, Rugby players Jess Maricich and Flora Poole to one of the university’s very own orientation leaders, Luke Lograno. Finishing up the host line up is the Big Event’s very own co-directors, Katie Wilcox-Smith and Becky Fuchs. There’s all sorts of fun and mayhem going on in this episode. So be sure to watch and experience a brutally honest campus tour, a movie trailer explaining what the Big Event really is, and what happens when you bring mini tools to the Big Event.

And it’s finally time to decide which student organization is better: RAs, OLs, Rugby, or Admissions. The competition is on!

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