#THAT: 03/01/21


Corinna Caimi, Executive Producer

#That 03/01/21: Corinna Caimi and Maggie Smith are at the desk for this Golden Globes-themed episode! They start off discussing their general thoughts about the previous night’s award show. After that, they talk about some of their favorite moments of the night including Chloe Zhao’s win for Best Motion Picture Director, dogs showing up on Zoom calls, and more! Then, they move into some of their least favorite moments like an awkward sketch, lack of diversity, and technical difficulties.

After a quick commercial, Willy Teare is on the screen to give his opinion on one of the Best Picture nominees, and Nina Kelly is on air for the week’s Trending Topics. Then, Caroline Torpey is back again for Bachelor Breakdown!

Gabby Brailovskiy joins the hosts for a Hollywood News Update. They discuss a touching speech given for Chadwick Boseman, Nick Jonas on SNL, and a surprising change in Bachelor Nation.

Before we go, we wish a happy birthday to Kesha and Justin Bieber.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for entertainment news!