#THAT: 03/08/21


Corinna Caimi, Executive Producer

#That 03/08/21: Coming up on #That, Manny Galicki and Nia Braccidiferro are at the desk for this jam-packed episode. Manny kicks off the show updating us on yet another scandal with YouTuber James Charles and Jennette McCurdy’s reveal that she will never be an actress again. Nia takes over to tell us all about a peculiar name drop in rapper DaBaby’s new song, and Bruno Mar’s first album drop in over a year! They toss to Audrey Scafati and Mason Glod for their review of the WandaVision finale before going to commercial.

Bella Foley and Mason Glod review Quinn XCII’s newest album and Sydney Reynolds join us for the week’s Weird News. Up this week is Nicolas Cage’s fifth wedding, a spooky royal situation, and a questionable marketing tactic from Burger King. Erin Kulscar joins us once again for the week’s Bachelor Breakdown.

After a short break, Ethan McCabe is here for a Hollywood News Update. He and the hosts discuss a Netflix hit possibly being turned into a real Broadway musical, Disney’s newest animated feature, and the latest information on the upcoming Grammys Award Show.

Next, Caroline Torpey reviews the food trucks that have been all over campus and our hosts do some Celeb Celebrations! This week we’re wishing a huge congratulations to YouTube parents-to-be Zoella and Alfie Deyes and a happy birthday to YouTuber Natalies Outlet.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for entertainment news!