#THAT 04/26/21


Gabby Brailovskiy, Executive Producer #THAT

Coming up on #That, Sam Morales and Maggie Smith are at the desk to give you our last show of the season! They share their favorite Oscar outfits, as well as fill you in on the latest Quinnipiac events. From a livestream of Pete Davidson to a senior giveaway, Maggie and Sam have all you need to know and more. Krista Birong also joins us to show viewers what Quinnipiac’s Bobcat Day consisted of in a vlog.

Up next, Willy Teare is here to share his thoughts on the Oscar award winners! Hayeli Cotton joins us to bring this week’s Weird News: from a dog trackstar to the battle of the josh’s, and even a UFO sighting, you do not want to miss this. Up next, we’re back with our final Marvel Monday where Audrey Scafati and Mason Golde give you their thoughts on the sixth episode of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’

Laura Smullen is here to give you a Hollywood News Update that includes the latest Vlog Squad drama, the announcement of a Hype House documentary, and a possible new Billie Eilish song.

Finally, we say goodbye to our seniors and wish them the best in their future endeavors. Corinna Caimi joins us to give a speech about each senior leaving #That that includes Laura Smullen, Hayeli Cotton, Sam Morales, Nina Kelly, and Maggie Smith.

All that and more…from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for entertainment news!