#THAT 09/13/21

Gabby Brailovskiy, Executive Producer: #THAT

Coming up on #THAT, Caroline Torpey and Liz Ippolito are here to share the latest Hollywood drama. From a new Bob’s Burgers movie to Ellen Degeneres’ department from The Ellen Show, there is so much to catch up on! Will Teare also joins us for another rendition of Willy’s Movie Corner. He tells hashtag all about his latest movie watch and what you can expect from it!

Up next, we’re back with another Marvel Monday! Mason Glod and Audrey Scafati give us their review of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and take us on their opening night adventure. Audrey Scafati joins us to give us this week’s Weird News, which ranges from a cow showing up at a McDonald’s drive-thru to a group of owls getting caught hanging out on a Ring doorbell camera.

Up next, Mike Hanley is here to give us his latest music news. This week he gives us a rundown of DONDA, Kanye West’s newest album.

Mason Glod is here to give us this week’s Hollywood News Update that includes a glimpse into John Mulaney’s hectic year, a Bennifer reunion and a look into the Venice Film Festival!

Finally, Manny Galicki joins us for a Bachelor Breakdown where she tells us all we need to know about the two latest Bachelor in Paradise episodes. Caroline Torpey and Liz Ippolito end the show with hashtag’s first Celebrity Heads Up game!

All that and more… from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!