#THAT 09/28/20

Corinna Caimi, Executive Producer

#That 09/28/20: Coming up on #That, Laura Smullen and Manny Galicki are at the desk to talk all that’s been trending. The girls start off the show talking about Dancing with the Stars drama, Zayn Malik’s new baby, and hit reality TV show The Masked Singer. We then here from Haylei Cotton about how athletes have been taking on social justice.

After a quick commercial, we see Hannah Mirsky try listening to country music for a week to see if she can find some new tunes and here from Gabby Brailovskiy about this week’s Trending Topics.

Next up is a special edition of Hollywood News Update! Carly Mac Manus chats with the hosts over Zoom about all that’s been happening in the entertainment world.

We finish out this show by trying some celebrity food. The hosts give their honest opinions on the Charli drink being offered by Dunkin Donuts and Maggie Smith hits the road to try the Travis Scott Meal from McDonald’s.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!