#THAT 10/12/20


Corinna Caimi, Executive Producer

#THAT 10/12/20: Coming up on #That, Johnny Marquardt and Abby Blackmore are at the desk with the latest on what’s happening in Hollywood. They start off the show talking SNL’s strict following of COVID-19 guidelines, Meg Thee Stallions new scholarship offer, a TikTok star getting sponsored by cranberry juice, and Cardi B.’s birthday.

Up next, Isabella Foley and Mason Glod join us to talk about their top tracks of the last week, and Alyssa Murphy hits us with Hollywood’s Highs and Lows. Manny Galicki challenges her roommates to make the best spooky dorm room with just twenty-five dollars in hand.

Carly Mac Manus joins the hosts for a Hollywood News Update. They talk about a basketball tribute, the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the unfortunate passing of rock-star Eddie Van Halen.

Before we go, Gabby Brailovskiy shows us how to make some easy. adorable and tasty Halloween treats that are dorm-room friendly. She even brings some for our hosts to try and they give rave reviews!

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!