#THAT 10/24: American Music Awards, Sonic The Hedgehog and “Love is Blind”

Coming up on #THAT Sam Dorielian and Cat Tallman are at the desk talking about “Wendell and Wild,” the American Music Awards, Megan Trainor and Nicki Minaj. Audrey Scafati and Carli Sanger talk about Taylor Swifts new album “Midnights.”

A.J. Gugliotta, Julia Merolle, and Julia Kusmenko have an inside scoop of the “Music of Star Wars” concert. Tim Malone hosts #Let’s Get Real and talks about “Love is Blind” season three, Egypt’s adaptation of “Shark Tank,” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Some members of #THAT talk about their most anticipated trailers from this year.

Michael Rodda gives the Hollywood News Update and talks about James Corden’s restaurant etiquette, “Ticket to Paradise” and “Creed III.” Michael Katz-Flynn pays tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sam and Cat play a game of Finish the Lyric.

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