Club Sports to begin with new changes

Club Sports to begin with new changes

Luca Triant, Executive Producer: Q30 Newscast

Quinnipiac University’s Club Sports program is facing many changes this Fall semester.

Updates to the usual plan this semester includes virtual-only meetings for the entire month of Sept., with an exception for the Involvement Fair taking place Sept. 14-18, in order to help with recruitment. In-person activities for Club Sports will begin Oct. 1.

The changes come alongside the university’s current response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, alongside trends occurring in other universities and organizations. The MAAC announced its cancellation of the Fall sports season; Club Sports teams will also not compete against other schools for this season as well.

“Keeping sports teams on campus is a major goal for the Recreation department,” Mike Medina, director of Campus Life for Recreation, said. “Obviously some sports are going to be easier to accommodate than others… with all of our sports, we’re trying to make sure we have something on campus.”

Medina said that the Recreation department is “trying to get more students involved in our programming”, Club Sports included. He added that the fitness centers on each campus are reopening Sept. 7 for use by students.

Besides the Involvement Fair, students who are interested in Club Sports will still have the opportunity to engage with teams of their choice online.

“A lot of our teams right now are doing virtual info sessions where the club leadership will be able to give an overview of their program,” Medina said. “There will also be an opportunity for some face-to-face meeting next week during Involvement Fair… but the info sessions are great because it’s a little bit more doable during those non-class times.”

Medina pointed to the university’s Club Sports Instagram as an avenue for students to visit in order to participate in each team’s info sessions.

“That [Instagram account] is a main driver where we’re sharing not only information as a department but also each team’s information.” he said.

The schedule for each team’s Involvement Fair appearance will also be posted to the page. Each team’s information sessions can also be found on the account.