Hamden proposes new regulations for students living in off-campus housing


Samantha Moore

by Sami Moore

If the Hamden Planning and Zoning Commission’s new regulations pass, Quinnipiac University students living off campus may soon have to follow new rules.

On Oct. 20, Assistant Town Planner Dan Kops outlined six new amendments that would affect student housing, according to the New Haven Register.

The scope of residents and students affected by the amendments will vary.

The proposal with the largest impact will be the creation of the long-promised university zone, an area of Quinnipiac student only homes that will stretch from the east side of Whitney Avenue to include most of New Road and Lucien Avenue.

After living off campus for two years, senior Ben Czuchra believes that the university zone would be beneficial for students.

“You definitely lose the aspect of connection with friends because you’re not right down the hallway from them,” Czuchra said. “Having an area of students living off-campus together will allow for us to gain independence, while still being near our friends.”

The university zone would allow allow for Quinnipiac to build more university-owned homes.

The proposed amendments also will include that no new permits will be issued for a one, two, or three unit house unless the home owner lives on the property.

Kops referenced many noise complaints when explaining the necessity for this amendment. The origin of many complaints have been made about poor student behaviors and large gatherings in residential areas.

Town planner Leslie Creane believes that Quinnipiac students living in residential areas is a serious problem and that this student-only area will help solve the issue.

“It goes without saying that the most serious issue is the problem of students living in residential neighborhoods,” Creane said. “Remember what it’s like to be in college — it can be a whole lot of fun, they are in many cases independent for the first time, and I think they are entitled to that lifestyle but they can’t force it on others.”

According to Kops, landlords who live out of state have been less likely to respond to complaints.


Another proposed amendment will include students signing a contract to prove that they have read the Hamden Zoning Student Housing Regulations. If students neglect to follow these rules, then their lease could be revoked.

Senior PJ Ruttura disagrees with the idea of regulations, believing that the rules do not treat students with proper respect.

“I live with a house of five kids. We are just a bunch of good guys trying to get through college, not out-of-control children,” Ruttura said.

A low impact proposed amendment is that indoor furniture will be prohibited to be used outdoors.

The hearing about the amendments will take place in December. This will push the student housing permit moratorium back from November until January 2016.

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