Investigation to happen after COVID-19 guidelines not being enforced


Kaye Paddyfote, News Director

Last Sunday, January 31, many students and parents were upset after COVID-19 guidelines were not followed on the shuttles. 

“It [the shuttle] was packed, literally so many people, it was too many people in one space,” senior engineering major Amanda Etienne said. 

Due to the Nor’easter on Monday that went into Tuesday night, students were informed Sunday evening that they had to move their cars from any surface lots, to the York Hill parking garage. 

The email that was sent out to students notifying them of moving their cars was time-sensitive which meant many students did it within the hour.

Etienne had to move her car to the York Hill garage, and due to it being so cold outside she was desperate to get on the shuttle. When students were getting on to the shuttle she was on, the driver did not count how many people were walking on.

Since the pandemic, the capacity of the shuttles is 50%. Etienne said every seat had two people sitting together.

Justin Reid, a sophomore history major was also uncomfortable while riding on the shuttle. 

“There was no word from the driver that it needed to be distance or that there was a limit to how many people can come on the shuttle… I was super uncomfortable I absolutely do not want to be on the shuttle again, and I didn’t want to be in the shuttle the first time,” Reid said.

Quinnipiac officials have since released a statement regarding the incident that did occur last Sunday. 

“Public Safety immediately investigated the incident Sunday night after reports that a shuttle bus driver was not wearing a face covering and did not regulate the shuttle capacity limits,” John Morgan Associate Vice President for Public Relations said, “Public Safety notified ProPark, the company that operates the shuttle bus service, and is reviewing footage from the shuttle and prohibiting the driver from returning to campus until after the investigation is completed. The university is committed to strongly enforcing proper health protocols to create a safe, healthy environment for its students.”