Neutral Zone: 2/22/17


Ayah Galal

The women’s ice hockey team has clinched the ECAC playoffs. The men’s team is on the bubble for a first round bye, and plays Yale this weekend in the highly anticipated rivalry. The Neutral zone culminates everything in a half an hour playoff special.

M.J. Baird takes the desk as the host, and is joined by Kirby Paulson to talk playoff matchups as the Bobcats are the number five seed in the conference. Phil Akre gives out grades on his season report card, and Matt McAuliffe is live with women’s hockey assistant coach Amanda Mazzotta for our segment by the numbers.

Kyle Levasseur joins M.J. in the second half of the show to detail not only the Yale game rivalry, but the two points that are on the line in the game. Plus, Kyle travels down to New Haven to hear what Yale students have to say about the rivalry on ice.