Paige Osborn is SGA’s New Vice President of Public Relations


Grace McGuire, SGA Beat reporter

Paige Osborn was elected Vice President of public relations of Student Government Association (SGA). Osborn, a third-year student in the 3+3 physical therapy program, has been part of SGA since her first-year and previously was a senator on the public relations committee. 

Osborn has a lot of ideas while in her new position. One includes the promotion of the new SGA Text to Chat Line.This was an initiative brought up by junior senator, Bobbi Dynice.

“It’s a phone number that students can text and it’ll go straight to SGA with any ideas, any concerns, and then we can kind of, either address the concerns ourselves, or find that student the best person to reach to connect with to address the concern.”

Osborn went on to explain the aims of her position and her own intent for her new role. 

“We’re focused on working with administrators and staff to put through initiatives that will better the student experience,” Osborn said about her job title. “Then I think, also, the role really is hearing the students’ needs, just making sure that the students feel connected to SGA and Quinnipiac.”

Osborn is looking to better the communication by being very active on social media about upcoming events held by SGA.

“I really want to make sure that students know about our big events that are coming up. So we have State of the QUnion, another ‘Ask Away’ possibly, and we’re having Bobcat Day and then we’ll have elections in the spring,” Osburn said. “So I really want to make sure that we have a strong presence on social media during those times to make sure that students know what the events are, and are excited and want to come to the events.”

SGA holds general board meetings every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. if you need something urgent feel free to communicate with them through their hotline. The Text to Chat Line phone number is: +1(860)854-3039