Changes coming across Quinnipiac, from residence halls to campus life

Olivia Schueller

Written by Olivia Schueller

Video by Kailee Heffler

Renovations are being made to the three residence halls that were affected by asbestos, along with cosmetic changes and upgrades across all three campuses to better the overall student experience. 

“We’re planning on improving residence halls really across both campuses,” Sal Filardi, vice president of facilities and capital planning said.

In June of this year, asbestos was found in the Larson, Perlroth and Troup residence halls. Renovations are now underway to transform those halls and other residential halls on the Mount Carmel and the York Hill campus. 

Currently, facilities is primarily focusing on the upgrades to Larson, Perlroth and Troup residence halls, so that they can open in the fall of 2020.   

“They’ll get a new mall, new student suits, bathrooms, new electrical, new AC and new plumbing,” Filardi said. “It’s kind of a full renovation on the building now.”

The asbestos affected residence halls aren’t the only ones getting a face lift. 

“As part of the strategic plan, we’ve identified the residence halls as part of the overall student experience that needs to improve,” Filaradi said.

Student affairs, facilities and residential life are collaborating on their goals and discussing what buildings need renovations. 

Outside of residence halls, there are a number of cosmetic changes around the Carl Hansen Student Center. 

“There are multiple points around the building, which we’ve partnered with Facilities and IMC [Integrated Marketing and Communications] on to update with navy blue highlights, as well as text and logos, in order to add splashes of Bobcat Nation into the space,” Matthew Kurz, assistant dean of student affairs said.

To increase the student experience, some organizations were given additional funding.

Kurz said the Student Programming Board received a change in their budget because of the advocacy of the organizations leadership last year. 

“I know their team is working hard on identifying some exciting new artists, programs and activities for 2019-20 with the additional resources,” Kurz said.

Members of the Student Government Association approached the university about an on-campus pub last year. Now, construction has begun. The design of the York Hill campus pub was finalized by facilities this week. 

“Walls have gone up to separate the space from the rest of the dining hall, so that we can do construction during the semester,” Filardi said. 

The pub in the Rocky Top Student Center is planned to open during the second semester. 

Kurz said the Office of Campus Life is eager to continue growing our capacity around truly serving Quinnipiac students.