Dumpster fire causes commotion overnight


Brooke Reilly

Students had a distraction from studying for finals last night as flames erupted from a dumpster located in the circle behind the Complex Residence Halls of Founders and Bakke.

“At approximately 00:38 hours, Public Safety Dispatch received a call that a dumpster in Complex by the basketball court was on fire,” Fire Marshal and Training Officer for the Department of Public Safety, Richard Hally, said.

Students quickly gathered around the scene to take videos and pictures of what was taking place.

“I got to campus and started packing my car around 12:20 [a.m.],” sophomore Cassidy Osher said. “Around 12:30 [a.m.], we saw a bunch of smoke and went around and saw a whole garbage disposal.”

Osher said that she called Public Safety and then 911. However, many students were trying to call at once causing the lines to go busy.

According to Osher, the Hamden Fire Department arrived to the scene about 15 minutes later and put the fire out within minutes.

“Public Safety officers reported the large 20-yard dumpster was on fire, and there was no exposure issues,” Hally said. “The Hamden Fire Department arrived and extinguished the fire.”

The cause of the fire is still being investigated by Public Safety and the Fire Marshal’s Office. Stay with Q30 News as we receive more information.