Hamden High School students return to class after receiving online threats


Hamden High School

Joe LoGrippo, President

Hamden High School was closed on Dec. 6 and Dec. 7 after receiving multiple online threats directed at the high school and middle school. The school reopened on Thursday, Dec. 8, but it came with an increase in security measures.

As they walked into school on Wednesday for the first time in five days, students were greeted with metal detectors, additional security guards and a school resource officer. Each student will be screened with a wand for the next two weeks until a walk-through metal detector arrives.

Due to scanning with a handheld detector, the line on the first day was backed up, causing some students to enter school more than an hour after school began.

“It was annoying because it was really cold,” said Chris, a Hamden High School freshman. “And I was out here for mad long.”

The Hamden Police Department made an arrest of a 13-year-old male student after he allegedly posted threats towards the school on Instagram. He was charged with first-degree threatening and second-degree breach of peace.

“I hope this development provides a measure of relief and helps to increase confidence in our school’s safety, and the safety of our teachers, students, and support staff,” said Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett in response to the arrest. “This has been a trying time for our community. I would urge that we continue to provide mental and emotional support to all those in need.”

The student will appear at New Haven Superior Court for Juvenile Matters on Monday, Dec. 20.