History of the Arnold Bernhard Library

Olivia Schueller

Thirty-five years had brought many changes to Quinnipiac’s Arnold Bernhard Library.

Janet Valeski, Readers’ Services and Reference Librarian has worked as a librarian at Quinnipiac for 30 years.

Valeski said, “The library was designed by Centerbrook architects out of Essex, Connecticut and it was designed in consultation with university administrators.”

The library was named after Arnold Bernhard. He was the founder and Chief Executive of a financial advisor investment service. Bernhard’s son donated 1 million dollars to the library.

In 2019, the library is home to many resources.

Robert Joven, University Librarian said, “We have over 500,000 e-books in our e-books collection that are accessible everywhere by our students.”

Students also have access to 50,000 print materials in the library along with 200 databases.

The library is broken up into 3 departments. The Access Services Department is where students check out books. There is also a Reference Department and Technical Services Department where faculty process books for students.

During final and exam periods the library has the most traffic. The 600 areas for students to study are filled. This means there is a need for space as the number of students grow each academic year.

The university librarians are looking to increase space and make more accommodations for students.

Valeski said, “Where people might be able to sit, relax. We would love to have space where we might have a coffee shop.”

Plans are not set but the University faculty are continuing to work on accommodations and changes to library to better the overall atmosphere for students.