Long lines causing short tempers


Dylan Abad

The Rocky Top Café on York Hill has been struggling to keep lines to a minimum, and many students are fed up.

“The lines here are really long.” Meryem Bastug said, a sophomore at Quinnipiac. “York especially is really long. Main is fine, but here, if you’re going in, you wait forever.”

​According to Quinnipiac Dining, the Rocky Top Café has had a similar amount of traffic in comparison to last year.

​“For the Fall of 2018, the York Hill Café was completely renovated, adding additional hours, stations, staff and services,” Chuck Couture said, resident district manager of Quinnipiac Dining. “These changes have prepared us to handle additional customers.”

But many students are still hungry for change.

“I think there is definitely a need for more stations. Especially considering there is a breakfast station on main open all day” Sophomore Jared Zerillo said.

QU Dining responded to students by offering healthier, more sustainable options. Farm fresh eggs, soy milk, and vegetarian frozen foods have been added to the rear market section.

In addition, QU Dining has also introduced Boost Mobile Ordering, an online service designed to eliminate lines all together. Students can order and pay remotely via their phones or computers and receive a notification when their order is ready for pick up.

Boost Mobile ordering is currently available at Au Bon Pain, but the university plans to roll out more locations throughout campus this year.

QU Dining’s ultimate goal is to reduce lines as much as possible and provide students with the best options available.

In addition, Quinnipiac is renovating the Rocky Top Café adding furniture, a pool table, TVs and a bar area with extended food service. Hours of operation for the pub area remain under consideration but QU Dining has already planned the contents of its menus.

“Our menu will feature sliders, wings, flatbread pizza and other traditional pub foods” Couture said.

Workers say they are hoping to complete renovations by the beginning of second semester for a grand reopening.