Newscast: 11/03/2021

Vanessa Blasi, Executive Producer: Newscast

On this week’s newscast, Ben Kane and Audrey Scafati are on the desk to talk about the new SGA VP for Finance member elected to replace Cameron Davignon. 

Luca Triant has the details about the town of Hamden removing its mask mandate for most locations around town. 

As temperatures outside begin to grow colder, Kylicia Smith is in the studio to tell us what the weather will look like for the upcoming week. 

The hamden election results are in, Katie Coen talked to citizens about voting. The Hamden Town Clerk Vera Morrison is retiring after 20 years as town clerk, Olivia Kettel talked to her about her experience. With election day now behind us, a lot has been happening in the political world. Tim Malone has the latest political news. More along the lines of politics, Hannah Mirsky talks live with the VP of QU Democrats Paul Cappuzzo. 

Yamna Siddiqui makes her first appearance updating us on the newest covid guidelines and more across the U.S.

Quinnipiac sports games were greeted by Bobcat parents and alumni this weekend. Connor Coar tells us how our sports team did. 

Closing the newscast, Vanessa Blasi recaps on a weekend full of fun activities for students, parents and alumni for Quinnipiac’s 2021 Bobcat Weekend.